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Thank you for getting in touch!



Can I be on your podcast?


Quite possibly! Please get in touch and tell me who you are and what you would like to talk about.

I talk to experts as well as those with lived experience.

Do you go on other people's podcasts?


I haven't been on anyone else's podcast yet, but I am open to it.

Can I write for your blog?


If you would like to pitch me an idea for a blog post, go for it. Keep it short and simple and, if possible, let me know where I can read your other work.

I have an issue I'd like you to talk about on your podcast...

I would love to hear about it. If you would like to be on the podcast to talk about this issue, tell me a bit about yourself. If you'd like me to talk to someone else about this issue, give me some names or some resources to explore.

Can I contact you about something else?


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